Together // Forever – 27th to 29th October 2017

It’s time to come Together one last time! For the last four years we’ve gathered annually for this intimate, sex-positive celebration of All That You Are. As Sacred Pleasures goes into its next evolution, Newman and Gayatri invite you to join us for a final exhilarating three-day edition of our signature event: Together // Forever.

This is the place where you can welcome yourself in all your shades and colours: your courage and your vulnerability, your depth and your silliness, your tender and your tough, your kinky and your vanilla. Over the course of two structured days (Friday & Saturday) we support you to shed what isn’t serving you and open up to love and intimacy. Then on Sunday you get a full day to explore and play together, expressing your desires freely in the knowledge that everyone can take care of their boundaries.

It was liking lifting the veil on how a group could drop into love in one weekend

Together // Forever is a Level 2 (Intermediate) event and is aimed at those with some experience working with conscious sexuality, BDSM or personal growth. You’ve probably attended workshops with Sacred Pleasures or elsewhere, or explored your sexuality in another way.

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