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I feel so happy that a life of self-consciousness and negative self image is easing into more self worth and self love.

I have had previous times of more ease but sadly comparatively few.

This feels different and more lasting.


They are truly experts and humble teachers.

Lovingly conveying immense practical and spiritual knowledge and insight without neither ego nor excessive jargon.

I highly recommend their workshops!


I always feel honoured to be invited to hold space or partake at these wonderful weekend’s of opening and learning I’m still feeling very slow and quiet not like me at all lol but enjoying the peaceful glow xx Namaste to you both xx

Suzy Drake

Amazing weekend! Heartfelt thanks to Gayatri and the facilitators for providing such a nurturing and safe space to be held. It was a truly beautiful experience and would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is curious about Tantric Massage.

Cathy Hibiscus

I attended your amazing workshop at the weekend. Your sister and yourself have truly helped to find a missing link in my life and i hope to continue my journey with you both very soon xx Thank you

Karen Hawkes

My body feels so incredibly alive since the weekend, so much beautiful life force activated


Feeling absolutely fabulous after an amazing weekend with some beautiful souls sharing in so many wonderful ways. I truly feel like something brilliant has been awakened in me and look forward to exploring the world with this new fire lighting the way and hope at some point to delve deeper still into the practice of tantra and intimacy. Thank you thank you thank you. I feel honoured and very privileged to have had this opportunity


I can’t thank you enough for holding the most amazing awakening weekend. I am feeling great! I overcame so many personal hurdles regarding my body. I have only recently became reconnected to my body after years of healing sexual trauma. So I thank you for holding such a beautiful safe Sacred container for me to explore myself and others.


I had a blast in the class and learned a lot about myself. Thank you for showing me myself !!!


A heartfelt thank you to you both for such a beautiful and profound weekend. It was a truly amazing experience to drop back into this sacred space with you both and everyone else. Thank you for inviting me to be apart of it.

Yesterday was quite a challenge as I was teaching a class of 14 in the most prestigious cookery school in the country! I somehow made the magic happened and led a really great inspiration session… the more and more I teach these healthful focused workshop I find I am becoming a mentor / healer! I was feeling quite deep and supportive yesterday and all the ladies seemed to love it!


As feedback/testimonial from the participant perspective I would just like to offer the fact that it felt like a huge honour to be able to support another woman with her feminine journey. My own personal confidence has grown and I feel the experience offered me another layer of heart opening and Divine connection. It was a unique insight into the great mystery of the Goddess. As a Sex Therapist I meet so many men who just don͛t know how to approach ͚the great mystery͛ and this has a big impact on sex and relationships. I also meet many women who yearn to connect with themselves on a deeper level and who hold feminine wounds that prevent them from embracing the joys of life. The experience of a truly embodied approach offers an understanding beyond words that I can bring to my work that text books and theoretical learning can never really provide.

I could probably write an essay for you but hopefully this feedback is useful!


THANK YOU for the honour of being invited along for this incredible journey. Strangely, although I’ve given hundreds of Tantra massages to men, I’ve never received one. It’s been on my bucket list, but never quite got there. It was a biggie to be getting not just one, but two, but I had no idea what to expect of my body. There were times of overwhelm in trying to be there for the givers, and yet being in my own process of discovery. There was a sense at times, of being “too much” and/or of taking too much. But in the end – the beauty of the four of you carrying everyone, was just so magnificently good that I am beyond amazed. Such skill, grace, care and kindness.


A very belated reply to a ‘hell yeah ‘ great weekend. You create a very loving and giving space which engenders such trust and joyful vibe – and really happy for that to be used as a quote.


I am finding that the Tantra experiences that I had on the workshop are integrating into my life and have improved my confidence a lot including my confidence in the world being more beautiful. The straw breath is helping a lot as well with clown and performance stuff. It makes me feel grounded and in a pleasure state. So that’s pretty cool!!!!


I’m continuing to work with the Tantric energy and getting so much from the experience. It’s really been working through my core very deeply. I’ve also noticed powerful shifts in the way I feel about my own body and have strongly consolidated my sense of self and empowered feminine these last few weeks. It seems to have moved me and my partner onto a different level of connection somehow beyond the Taoist energy work we’d been practicing for quite some time. More natural, easier and flowing.


My faith in humanity has been restored


Thank YOU so much for such a wonderful day and experience of complete relaxation and joy.


Such a pleasure to be in the beautiful space created and held by you in an incredibly openhearted and safe way.


I’m happy to report that my confidence in my own body and natural beauty continues to grow, though there is obviously still work to do in this area- basically i feel so happy that a life of self-consciousness and negative self image is easing into more self worth and self love. (I have had previous times of more ease but sadly comparatively few). This feels different and more lasting.


Thank you for a lovely day, you kept me in the moment for 10 hours. I left feeling very at peace with an inner calm, love and wellbeing


Thank you very much for past weekend It was delightful, powerful, magic And the ceremony, wow ! A pleasant surprise. Very emotional.

I feel grateful for all your work and devotion to the group This course changed my life for the best. I am more relaxed and Conscious about myself and my body, happy, loving … divine ❤ I surrendered to myself … my feminine side has came up and is so beautiful Thank you, thank you, thank you for your divine guidance