Lisa Collins

Lisa has been on her self-development path for well over 15 years. She has a fascination with energy, which led to her intensively studying, practicing and teaching Taoist Arts (Tai-Chi, Kung Fu, Meditation, Qigong and Taoist yoga) for over 6 years, which is the foundation of her spiritual journey and practice.

Something missing for Lisa was the sexuality side of her spirituality, with her always feeling sexual energy moving in her Taoist practices, she wanted to understand this energy more, which recently led her into exploring Tantric practices.

Lisa has offered holistic massage for 16 years and is also qualified in counselling, clinical hypnotherapy and CBT, although she does not currently professionally practice these, she weaves them into her daily work and life.

Lisa also hosts the Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Meet-Up group in Bristol.

Super Powers
Empathy and compassion
Unconditional Positive Regard (non-judgement)
Seeing and honouring the divine in everyone

Offering sessions to
Men, Women and Gender-fluid people.

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