Katy Cara

Website Design & Workshop Assistant


Katy is an explorer. She began her journey of transformation when she realised she didn’t want to continue living a life disconnected from her body and her truth. More than a decade on, Katy’s not tired of exploring, sharing and learning. She believes we can each become an explorer of self, reconnecting with the inner child we may have forgotten along the way, and rediscovering our joy and lust for life.

Katy brings a wealth of experience in marketing, digital communications and social media, coupled with super powers in event management and liaison. She is a yoga teacher and tantrika – offering yoga and nature retreats in the UK and abroad, and tantra massage sessions for healing and pleasure. In her spare time, you’ll most likely find Katy working and playing in alternative communities and in nature, inspired by the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
Super Powers
Love of all the human-ness of people – the dark and the light and everything in between
Warrior of the truth – no bullshit
Adventuring with a playful, childlike joy
Offering sessions to
Men, Women, Gender-fluid, Couples, Everyone.
Contact details
Email: katy@mahayoga.org.uk
Website: https://mahayoga.org.uk