Gayatri Beegan

Founder & Teacher


Gayatri is a Sacred Sexuality practitioner with a vision of creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ through blissful encounters. She is inspired to support others in a shame-free and celebratory expression of their sensual and sexual nature. Gayatri believes that when we experience pleasure fully, it has a transformative effect; creating more love, awareness and aliveness.

Since 2012, Gayatri has initiated hundreds of people into the heights and depths of Tantra massage both in her private sessions and public workshops. As a fully earth bound goddess, Gayatri is known for her refreshingly natural, joyful, and vibrant approach to life, love and the mysteries.

In 2018 Gayatri was nominated as ‘Somatic Sexologist of the Year’ at the Sexual Freedom Awards which promote excellence in erotic performance and sexual services, and celebrate pioneers in the field of sexuality.

Super Powers
Making people feel at ease in an instant with her bright smile and infectious laugh

Distilling ancient wisdom into modern day teachings to enlighten and awaken

Making Heaven a lived experience here on Earth
Offering sessions to
Men, Women, Gender-fluid, Couples, Everyone
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