David Allen

David is a multi-talented practitioner always in service to human growth and emergence, it is his mission to help reconnect people to their true glimering joyful essence so love, kindness and pleasure can spread over the planet. David has been committed to understanding the wonders of being human for most of his life, starting with diving deep into the Mind-Body connection by studying NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis. Then learning all levels of the Human Energy Consciousness System with Shamanic Energy Healing and Angelic Reiki.

Training continued with the power of the breath using QRISTA – Trauma Integration and ancient Tantra and Taoism. David is now a Tantric-Tao Shamanic Bodyworker weaving all his skills to clear trauma so pleasure can be deeply felt in the body, leaving you with a wonderful feeling of liberation. David also runs his own Shamanic healing retreats throughout the year and assists with Tantric Massage Training.

Super Powers
Holding a strong space of safety so you may drop deep into this most profound moment.
Being completely in tune with the space and knowing what needs to be said or done.
Having the skills and experience to shift energy so healing takes place.

Offering sessions to
Men, Women, Gender-fluid people, Everyone.

Contact details
Email: TheWayHome.Me@gmail.com
Website: www.TheWayHome.Me.UK