Trauma Awareness Training for Sexuality Practitioners

Date(s) - 7th March - 8th March
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

North Somerset, BS29

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Awareness of trauma is essential for those who are practicing or intending to practice Tantra Massage professionally. We have invited Catherine Hale to share her wisdom, knowledge and experience. This is a non-residential weekend.

Learning to be a safe and skilled practitioner requires a great awareness of many aspects, including trauma. This weekend is dedicated to increasing our awareness of trauma through embodied practices, meditation, partner work, journalling, consensual touch, and offers introductory guidance on what to do when trauma arises. We’ll cover how it can manifest, what to look out for, and guidance on how to keep someone safe.

This is not a personal trauma healing event however we’ll explore some of your personal experience of trauma so you learn to develop embodied understanding which can be translated when working with clients.

During the weekend, you will learn about

  • How choice underpins all trauma resolution
  • Definitions and direct experience of your boundaries
  • How to work with consent including embodiment of The Wheel of Consent teachings
  • Introduction to the nervous system hierarchy and brain structure responses to trauma
  • The role of shame in perpetuating trauma
  • From stuckness to vibrancy: using the emotional body to clear trauma
  • How to find inner resources and safety so we can pendulate into the trauma vortex safely
  • How to stay with and keep safe a person when they’re triggered
  • How to support the person to come back into social engagement and attunement
  • The importance of coming back to right relations when there is a trauma response
  • Guidance on how to repair any relational rupture
  • How to assess your level of proficiency in working with trauma and the importance of creating a referral network

You will leave the weekend:

  • feeling more confident and empowered while working with your clients
  • you’ll have an adequate trauma first-aid awareness and tool kit to work with clients when trauma arises in your sessions, both safely and effectively.
  • you’ll be actively supporting the resolution of trauma both in yourself and with your clients
  • you’ll recognize when you are out of your depth and know who to refer your clients to when needed

Cost and booking
The cost for the weekend is £280. For more information and bookings, please see Eventbrite.

About Catherine Hale
Catherine is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker a TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) Provider, and a sexual wholeness educator trained in scar tissue remediation and Wheel of Consent. With over 20 years of teaching experience Catherine blends the traditions of spiritual psychotherapy with shamanism, trauma resolution, and body-based modalities with energy work and Tantra.