The Art of Erotic Devotion

Date(s) - 18th February - 20th February
6:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Glastonbury, Somerset


To love and be loved. To cherish and be cherished. To worship and be worshipped. Are these your deepest longings and desires?

Within our intimate connections we often sense that there is “something more” to be experienced yet unsure how to get there. Conventional sex advice – whether buying new toys or learning new techniques – usually focuses on stimulation and “spicing it up”. Yet once the initial thrill wears off, you are left feeling as empty and confused as before.

What if you could find sublime pleasure, intimacy and connection in slowing things down? Seeing one another as if for the very first time. Creating space to feel the subtle currents of erotic aliveness flowing through you. Cultivating heartful communication and soulful connection for more meaningful encounters again and again.

Discover the art of erotic devotion and the joy of the sensual moment.

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About the Facilitators

Gayatri is a Sacred Sexuality guide and founder of Tantra Massage Training. She is devoted to bringing 21st century consciousness to ancient wisdom and practices. Since 2012 she has been offering safe(r) and sacred spaces for people to discover the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and erotic awakening. Known for her refreshingly natural and joyful approach, Gayatri is a full earth-bound goddess. Central to her work is cultivating sensitivity, and embodying the sacred.

Selwyn is a Tantric practitioner, yoga teacher, and founder of Vital Intimacy. He is passionate about working with couples and individuals to support them in enjoying greater intimacy with themselves, one another and life. As co-facilitator at Tantra Massage Training, Selwyn embodies qualities of sensitivity and intuition that can read the space with precision and grace. This is coupled with a sharp wit, wicked sense of playfulness and kinky streak that makes everyone feel welcome.

Gayatri and Selwyn have been in deep friendship and peer support since 2015. They are united by a love of nature and long walks, good food and kinky play (not necessarily at the same time!), and a shared mission of bringing more love, acceptance and vitality into the world.

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Financial Contribution

In order to make this workshop accessible for you and sustainable for us, we offer three levels of financial contribution:
Root – £440 *
Bursary rate that covers meals and accommodation, plus event organisation costs

Heart –£880
Standard rate that covers meals and accommodation and event organisation costs, plus facilitators fees

Crown – £1,110
Supporter rate that includes the above, plus a donation to our bursary fund. If you are financially abundant, we invite you to consider this rate in order support others in accessing this work.

All rates are inclusive of experience, accommodation, meals and refreshments with no hidden costs. Rates quoted are per couple booking, rather than per person.

* There is limited availability of Root places; offered to those who might otherwise be unable to access this work, such as people on lower income and within marginalised groups.




Earth Spirit is a well-known and much-loved retreat centre for Tantric workshops and events. In 2018 they created a new purpose-built facility for small groups, aptly named “Little Earth”.

Little Earth comprises of a workshop room with underfloor heating, plus dining area and private accommodation. The venue is light, bright, and welcoming.

You can see photographs and find out more about Earth Spirit, including travel information, via their website –


Little Earth has seven rooms with en suite bathroom facilities. You share a room with your partner only.


Food & Drink

Meals are catered by Earth Spirit’s in-house chefs providing healthy vegetarian meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the cost. Special diets (vegan, gluten free) and allergy free requirements can be accommodated at an additional cost. Hot drinks and light snacks are always available and included in the package.

Arrival & Departure

Arrive from 6pm on the first day. The workshop commences in the evening after dinner and completes after lunchtime on the final day.



Who is this for?

We welcome those who have already experienced a degree of personal development exploration. One or both of you have already explored sacred sexuality. You are both longing to go deeper.

This workshop is for partnered pairings. You don’t need to be in a romantic or sexual relationship, but willing to partner intimately with one another for the whole weekend. You only engage with your partner in the workshop space.

If you are a “thruple”, feel free to contact us to explore the possibility of joining this workshop.

We welcome partnerships of all sexual orientation and gender identification. Please know that the teachers and majority of people who join our workshops are CIS-heterosexual.

“Gayatri’s creation of a safe, sacred space is excellent.  I have been on a lot of trainings – both personal and professional (as a coach), and I have never experienced such fantastic, explicit attention, time, and detail when it comes to creating a designed, safe space for a group of strangers. This allowed both me and my partner (who was completely new to the world of tantra) to fully relax, experience, and deeply connect – within the space and group.”Sue, London


Who is this NOT for?

This is not for you if you are both completely new to the world of sacred sexuality. We recommend that you receive private tuition from Gayatri or one of her recommended practitioners before embarking on a group experience.

This is not for you if you are having a breakdown in your relationship and are seeking therapy. Of course all couples have their struggles and strifes and we don’t expect you to be perfect at relating. However, we do expect you to be resourced enough to get the most out of the experience and curious enough to give it a go. If you are having significant relationship challenges, then we recommend that you seek relationship counselling or some kind of long term therapeutic approach. Coming to a weekend workshop would merely be a sticking plaster

This work is inevitably healing but it is not offered as a therapeutic space and it’s important to be in humility to the scope of the experience.


How many people will be there?

Minimum of four and maximum of seven partnered pairings, plus the facilitation team.


Are we expected to get naked/engage in intimate acts?

The invitation of the space is to connect intimately with your partner – this rests in emotional vulnerability, honest and open communication, and honouring your needs and wants first and foremost.

We foster at atmosphere of enthusiastic consent and “opting in” to all invitations offered during the weekend. There is no obligation or expectation to do anything, and embodying this can be a profound learning. Particularly in partner relationships where it’s easy to fall into a default groove of “how we do sex”.

The space is “clothing optional” so it’s important that you feel comfortable with nudity even if you choose not to get naked yourself.