S*x Heart Energy Play – BRISTOL

Date(s) - 5th September - 6th September
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Central location in Bristol (BS8)


How do we connect intimately when we cannot touch physically? How do we receive the nourishment of sharing in community whilst staying in safety? How do we show our love and affection whilst honouring the needs and boundaries of others?

Welcome to S*x Heart Energy Play: A Socially Distanced Workshop!

The lockdown period has been challenging for many people when it comes to touch and physical contact. With social distancing measures still in place, we need to find new ways to nourish ourselves and our connections. It’s time for us to gather together.

Been feeling frazzled, stressed or anxious? Find yourself crying for “no reason” or experiencing big swings of emotion? Given the lack of contact it’s no wonder. As human beings we are wired for connection and contact with others – even non physical – can support the body system in regulating better.

During the last few months Gayatri has been deepening in the exploration and practice of “energy play”; connecting sexual energy – the rocket fuel of life – with heart energy –what could be greater than love? The experiences have been astonishing. The limitation of no physical contact actual expands our capacity to feel and exchange energy with another.

“Intimacy without the physical touch of another has been a powerful and transformative experience for me. Finding myself supported and guided by Gayatri into a deep intimate experience of myself without the familiar pull of the external has unlocked a deep well of being, pleasure and resourcefulness that I continue to draw upon with gratitude.”

Over the weekend you will discover:

  • How to ignite your sexual energy .When you can do this for yourself, you become the spark that lights others up!
  • Potent embodied practices to activate and amplify your energy field so that you can share with others – even over great distance.
  • Intimacy practices for creating connection and sharing heart space
  • Playful self-touch (non-sexual) practices to share with another – as if you are touching one another
  • How to create a sense of holding and care for another without even touching. Once you get good at this one, you have Jedi-like powers
  • The energetic entrainment of the heart to come into harmony with yourself, others, and the flow of life

You will also experience my signature solo practice, the ‘Energygasm’. Discover how to breathe your body into erotic aliveness and orgasmic expansion. It’s the most pleasure you could possibly have with yourself!

Potential outcomes of the weekend:

  • Discover and up level your body awareness and energy play skills
  • Experience your erotic aliveness in new ways
  • Receive nourishment from being in community
  • Feelings of deep relaxation, bliss and wellbeing

Useful things to know:

  • There is no physical contact in this workshop
  • We will maintain the 1m rule throughout and support you in doing so
  • There is no nudity; so you can remain fully clothed throughout
  • No-one ever has to do anything that they don’t want to do. Ever
  • Our venues are operating to COVID guidelines and your wellbeing is essential to us
  • Maximum of 12 workshop participants, plus 3 team members


The training runs each day from 10am to 6pm. We recommend that you arrive from 9.30am each day to ensure a prompt start.

The venue is in a central location in Bristol. Full location details are provided on booking.

The weekend fee is £250.

Spaces are limited to 12 participants. Booking in advance is essential.

In order to join the workshop, please tell us about yourself. If we have any questions for you, or you have specified questions for us, then we may arrange a time for an interview.

The information you provide is held in confidence and is only shared between our team.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.