Saluting Shiva: Honouring the Male Body

Date(s) - 19th May - 20th May
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Central location in Bristol (BS8)


This weekend workshop honours the Divine Masculine, and specifically the male body, through Tantric ritual and massage.

At this time in our society, men receive many mixed messages about what it means to be male and a sexual being. Male sexual energy is often seen as something wild and unpredictable, something that needs to be kept under control. Yet at the same time men are expected to initiate sexual encounters and just know what to do in the bedroom. Many men have fears of “performance anxiety” and some suffer with specific problems around erection and ejaculation.

Tantra Massage provides a safe and sacred space for a man to experience new and life-affirming aspects of his sexuality. Dropping into the space of receiving loving touch, without agenda or expectation, can be a liberating journey into surrender and ecstasy. Free of the pressure to perform or meet a goal of climax, a man can discover new depths of orgasmic experience, and rise to new heights of self-awareness and self-confidence.

You held a simultaneously immense and intimate space during the Introduction to Tantric Massage Weekend. We experienced the ecstasy of the unbounded and the safety of earthy grounding — and everything in between! They are truly expert and humble teachers, lovingly conveying immense practical and spiritual knowledge and insight without neither ego nor excessive jargon. I highly recommend their workshops!

Through Tantric devotion, we honour the Divine Masculine, which is present within us all regardless of our physical form. When we honour the other, we honour ourselves. In this space we offer a healing to the split between sex and spirit, heart and soul, masculine and feminine.

Specific elements of this weekend include:

  • Saluting Shiva – Shiva is the Hindu god who embodies Divine Masculine. We honour the Shiva within through a beautiful full body blessing
  • Lingam Massage – honouring the penis in its divinity and aliveness through a variety of strokes, pressures and sensations
  • Prostate Massage – awakening the anus and prostate to receive loving touch and open to pleasurable sensations. Massage to the anus and prostate can allow a man to move into a new awareness of sexual energy; one that is anchored in receiving rather than penetrating, allowing rather than directing. Many men find this experience awakens them to more powerful erections and full body orgasmic experience.
  • Breathwork & Keys to Energy Awakening – supporting and strengthening sexual energy with breath, movement and sound
  • Ejaculation Choice – discovering how to cultivate sexual energy and integrate it into the body rather than losing through climax

The workshop is open to participants of any gender or sexual orientation, and will focus on giving conscious touch to male recipients. Ideally you will have attended our pre-requisite module ‘Awakening: Foundations of Tantra Massage’ or similar initiation into Tantric touch prior to joining this workshop.

The training runs each day from 10am to 6pm. We recommend that you arrive from 9.30am each day to ensure a prompt start.

The weekend fee is £220. Payment is 50% of the course fee to secure your place, with the remaining payment to be paid a minimum of 2 weeks before the workshop weekend. If you are booking within two weeks of the workshop, payment in full is required.


In order to join the workshop, please tell us about yourself. If we have any questions for you, or you have specified questions for us, then we may arrange a time to speak on the phone.

The information you provide is held in confidence and is only shared between our team (Gayatri, Bayari and Katy).

We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.