Grief & Eros: Coming Back to Life (Online)

Date(s) - 1st June
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

various locations


A four week closed group journey, commencing Tuesday 1st June.

These COVID times have affected every one of us universally, yet in unique ways individually.

You may have experienced loss in the tangible realms… work, income, health, or a loved one. Or in the less tangible realms… the dreams you had, the plans you made, or the freedoms you once enjoyed.

As we emerge out of lockdown in the UK, conflicting and confusing emotions may arise. On one level life is becoming “normal” again, yet much has changed.

Where is the space to mourn what has been lost? To put our sorrows in their rightful place?


It is our unexpressed sorrows, the congested stories of loss, that, when left unattended, block our access to the soul. – Francis Weller


In our pain-avoidant Western culture, there is a fear of difficult feelings. A worry that if we opened ourselves up to feel all the things, there would be no end to it. There’s so much going on, and so little time to process it, that life experience can be difficult to digest. So we shut down, numb out, and stuff it all away.

Even in spiritual circles there can be an over-emphasis on being positive, in other words bypassing the pain of existence. Whilst an orientation towards gratitude and appreciation of life is essential in order to thrive, this naturally emerges from the fertile soil of right-fully expressed feeling.

There is an intimate connection between Grief and Eros. When we close down from difficult feelings, we also block off the energy of life moving through. Placing a dam around the heart, body and soul. The capacity to open to love, pleasure and joy is only as vast as the capacity to meet the pain, anger and sadness of existence.

When we open ourselves to feeling what is just beneath the surface, we create space in our being. Think on a time when you were feeling sad and low, or stuck and confused. Then you had a good cry and it released the pent up feeling to a fresh energy of aliveness. Like a bright clear day after a heavy storm.

Grieving is often considered a private affair in our culture. Yet without the support of community to hold us or sacred rituals to guide us, we are in danger of being swept away as grief washes over us like a river. When community and ritual come together, we find ways to “hold the banks” of the river and express our feelings in more healthy and enlivening ways.

The Grief Ritual was one of the great healing moments of my life. It felt like a colonic irrigation of my soul. All the sticky, nasty, meconium grief was chiselled off and washed away. – Karl Cresser



• Have been touched by COVID times – on a personal or transpersonal level

• Want to express your feelings more – and perhaps don’t know how

• Find that you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward

• Feel that your erotic energy – either too much or too little – is affected by these times

• Intuitively sense that Grief wants to be expressed through you

• Long to know a deeper connection in community

• Feel curious about the connection between expressing emotion and Eros



• Sharing circles

• Meditation

• Journaling

• Embodied practices

• Song/chant

Everything is an invitation and you are welcome to engage at the level that feels right for you.



• 7-8.30pm on Tuesdays from 1st June for four weeks.

• Online sessions via Zoom.

• Closed group of 12 participants.

• Joining means committing to the journey. To preserve the privacy of participants, calls will not be recorded.

• Signal messaging group for support during the journey and for four weeks afterward.



This offering is made in the spirit of the gift economy rather than a transaction basis.

There is a foundational donation of £44 requested for the four sessions. This covers the basic set-up time and costs.

You are welcome to increase your gift at the time of booking, or at the end of the programme. You are encouraged to give at the level of value received, in line with what is doable for your current financial circumstances.

Click here to claim your place in the circle.



It is important that you are sufficiently supported and resourced to engage in this deep process, particularly as we are meeting virtually. If you are experiencing depression and/or suicidal thoughts, we recommend that you seek support in whichever way aligns for you (this may be contacting your doctor, calling the Samaritans, engaging in private therapy, or something else).

Whilst the practice of grief tending is a panacea to many of the pains of our times, it is important to be in humility and integrity with the scope and capacity of a four-week online offering.



Acknowledging those who have walked this path ahead of us. With gratitude to…

“Apprenticing to Grief” training with Grief Tending –

The work of Francis Weller – and Joanna Macy –