Divine Devotion: Tantric Ritual & Ceremony

Date(s) - 21st November - 22nd November
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Central location in Bristol (BS8)


When we invite the intention of devotion into our encounters with another – whether our client, partner or lover – it can transform them from mundane and mechanical routines into profoundly touching and expansive experiences. When we find the humility in our hearts to honour the other, we discover that we actually honour ourselves; creating more love and awareness in our being.

I had the most blissful time. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it! Such a safe and beautiful space.

Many people know there is “something missing” and seek a deeper intimacy and connection with themselves, others and life. An attitude of devotion, offered with reverence, playfulness and innocence, can nourish this deep longing.

Specific elements of this weekend include:

  • How to create sacred space for deeper, more intimate encounters
  • Opening & Closing Rituals to create safe and sexy containers for sensual experience
  • Working with Intention to harness the power of play and bring it into your life
  • Honouring the Beloved with words and touch
  • Chakra Blessing – welcoming awareness of all that we are as a physical, mental, emotional and energy being
  • Awakening the Senses – a delicious ritual of sight, sound, taste, touch and scent

This workshop is clothing optional. There will be nudity in the room and it’s important that you feel at ease with this. Participants are invited to undress to whatever level they feel comfortable with and the engage with touch as feels good to them moment to moment.

The training runs each day from 10am to 6pm. We recommend that you arrive from 9.30am each day to ensure a prompt start.

The venue is in a central location in Bristol, the full location details are provided on booking.

The weekend fee is £250.
NB: Spaces are limited. Booking in advance is essential.


In order to join the workshop, please tell us about yourself. If we have any questions for you, or you have specified questions for us, then we may arrange a time to speak on the phone.

The information you provide is held in confidence and is only shared between our team (Gayatri and Bayari).

We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.