Beyond Massage: Embodied Erotic Expansion

Date(s) - 30th September - 7th October
6:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Glastonbury, Somerset


The Invitation

How do you create and navigate exquisite journeys of liberation and surrender? How do you support another human being in more fully inhabiting their physical body and expanding into their energetic one? And how do you cultivate your inner alignment so that you can offer a richer outer expression?

Or perhaps you’ve been practising Tantra massage for a while now –professionally or with partners – and you’re wondering “What’s next?”

This week-long training Intensive takes you to the next level. It is not simply about learning more tools and techniques, but about cultivating the inner resources to share from the depths of your being. We take you on a journey to explore the deeper and darker themes of the human experience, as well as celebrating the heights and delights of the body through erotic embodiment.

Become an erotic maestro and learn how to take your partner – whether client or lover – on deeper and more expansive journeys into themselves and beyond the beyond.

  • Cultivate and enhance your energetic capacity with embodied practices, including Tantric Kriya Yoga
  • Embody consent and boundaries through verbal (spoken communication) and non-verbal (energetic attunement) practices
  • Immerse in rituals of presence and love, honouring and devotion
  • Hold a partner both physically and energetically for more powerful play
  • Delight in sensual surrender and kinky play – including restraint, power play, sensation play and intensity
  • Expand erotic aliveness with the keys of energy awakening – breath, sound and movement
  • Create bespoke rituals and healing scripts for yourself and others


Our seven day residential Intensive offers the possibility of completely immersing yourself in the teachings, as well as the collective energetic field of the group. Away from the distractions and busyness of life, your potential for transformation is exponentially increased.

The residential Intensive take place at Earth Spirit in Somerset. Just five miles from Glastonbury, Earth Spirit lies within the ‘temenos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon. The centre is situated in a beautiful landscape next to two nature reserves. The atmosphere is one of seclusion, timelessness, and magic.

Journey into the mysteries with a heart-centred group of fellow travellers; expertly guided and lovingly held by Gayatri and the Tantra Massage Training Team.

Gayatri hold the most beautiful, safe and sacred temple space to explore and integrate our sensuality and sexuality with our love and spirituality which feels to be the perfect antidote to the dysfunction most of us have experienced in ‘normal’ society



The Offering

Each full day begins with a morning active meditation, plus three sessions – morning, afternoon and evening.

Day time sessions are focused on learning techniques through demonstration and hands on practice. Evening sessions are more playful and celebratory with guided rituals and ceremonies.

Participants are invited to give and receive over the course of the week. The skill of receiving is a beautiful gift to cultivate; whilst honouring your boundaries at all times. No-one is under any requirement or obligation to partner with someone or engage in an activity that does not feel good and right for them.

We welcome people of all gender-identification and sexual orientation to the training. We will not be gender balancing with a female/male equal split.

If you wish to come with a partner you can work together exclusively for the week, or mix with the group as you prefer.




Earth Spirit is a well-known and much-loved retreat centre for Tantric workshops and events. In 2018 they created a new purpose-built facility for small groups, aptly named “Little Earth”. Our Tantra Massage Training in 2018 had the honour of being among the first groups to use the space and we are delighted to be back now for our sixth Residential Intensive. Little Earth comprises of a workshop room with underfloor heating, plus dining area and private accommodation. The venue is light, bright, and welcoming.
You can see photographs and find out more about Earth Spirit, including travel information, via their website –


Little Earth has five en-suite rooms with two (twin or double) or three beds. More basic accommodation is available in adjacent quarters and these have shared bathroom facilities (accessed by going outdoors).

All accommodation is shared with one or two others. Unfortunately it is not possible to offer private accommodation.

Food & Drink

Meals are catered by Earth Spirit’s in-house chefs providing healthy vegetarian meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the cost. Special diets (vegan, gluten free) and allergy free requirements can be accommodated at an additional cost. Hot drinks and light snacks are always available and included in the package.

Arrival & Departure

Arrive from 6pm on the first day. The training commences in the evening after dinner and completes at lunchtime on the final day.

This course changed my life, for the better! I knew it would be intense and deep, but had no idea just how thoroughly it would impact my life and my self. I enjoyed it, was challenged by it, feeling held and stretched, supported and guided throughout. The team were excellent and Gayatri an unassumingly adept facilitator. The venue is great with wonderful food and fab facilities. I would love to revisit this experience as one of the most profound of my life.

Who is this for?

Our residential Intensives are a deep dive into Sacred Sexuality. Therefore, it is essential that you are ready for the journey.

Applications are welcome from those who have previously trained with Tantra Massage Training, have a significant level of prior experience in Tantra / Sacred Sexuality, or are already working in this field professionally.

All places are by application and then interview. We may request that you come for a private session also. The more information you can provide in your application, the better we can understand your level of experience.

We welcome…

  • Bodyworkers and massage therapists seeking to understand sexual energy
  • Tantrikas wanting to upgrade their skills for personal or professional use
  • Lovers longing to feel deeper intimacy and pleasure
  • Healers seeking to unite the split between sex and spirit
  • Spiritual seekers desiring connection with their sexual energy
  • Sensual enthusiasts yearning to discover the divinity in everything
  • Everyone who knows that there is “something more” to life
  • Those who feel the call to dive deep into the Mystery.

Who is this NOT for?

  • If you are new to the world of Sacred Sexuality or Tantra then this training is not for you. We recommend that you first undertake a more foundational exploration of yourself and your sexuality. In particular, we recommend learning about boundaries and consent as a starter.
  • If you have a significant amount of trauma that you are currently working through, or that is yet to be processed. This work is inevitably healing but the Intensive not intended as a therapeutic space. It is important to be in humility to the scope of what can be held in a week-long programme and group of people learning.

If you’re curious about whether this is the right next step for you, complete the online application form and we will be in touch to arrange a Zoom call to discuss.



To make this workshop accessible for you and sustainable for us, we offer three levels of financial contribution and encourage you to choose the one that feels right for you. Payment plans are available at NO EXTRA CHARGE to spread out payments.

Heart Rate – £2,200
This is the standard rate.
Payment plan – £367 over six months or £733 over three months

Crown Rate – £2,600
If you are financially abundant, we invite you to consider this rate in order support others in accessing this work by contributing a donation to our bursary fund.
Payment plan – £433 over six months or £867 over three months

Root Rate – £1,200
There is one Root place available for someone who might otherwise be unable to access this work, such as people on lower income and within marginalized groups. Please mention that you wish to be considered for this rate when you apply.
Payment plan – to be discussed.


What’s included?

  • Zoom call before the Intensive to connect the group
  • Seven days of embodied training and experience
  • Handouts of the practices and sequences for home practice and reference
  • All meals, refreshments, and accommodation from the evening of arrival until the afternoon of departure
  • Zoom call after the Intensive to support integration

Zoom calls are optional. Usually offered two weeks on either side of the Intensive.

Gayatri and her team hold a safe and sacred space with unconditional love, devotion, pure awareness, authenticity, integrity and clarity creating a perfect environment in which to learn and explore.