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Touch for deep transformation


Grace offers an embodied therapy practice in Bristol and online that includes tantra massage and conscious touch as part of her work. Through touch, talking therapy, education and guidance she offers a strong and sensitive container for her client’s expansion and growth in the areas of intimacy, sexuality and relationship as well as in all aspects of life. It is work that offers an opportunity to find deep transformation beyond how you may have imagined life previously.

The trainings and life experience that she brings to her work are broad now that she has had quite some years on this planet to explore! During this time, Grace has plumbed the depths of her own personal growth. She holds a strong and sensitive place of warm welcome and open-minded acceptance for her clients. It is because of her own personal journey of healing that she is able to hold a vision and knowing of life beyond the constraints of current circumstances. She holds a strong belief of healing for all of humanity and that each step taken is one step closer to that vision.

It is Grace’s wish that you find a landing place for your longing for growth and change. She invites you to contact her with your enquiry.

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