The Summer House

If you haven’t heard of it as yet, The Summer House is a wonderfully playful, creative sex-positive retreat for exploring intimacy, connection and self-expression. It offers a chance to escape from city life and soak up the views, gardens and atmosphere of a luxurious country home. All with an exuberant team who co-create radically different way of engaging with others. Prepare for the time of your life!  I’m delighted to be invited back to Summer House to facilitate for the third year running. The workshops are rooted in my take on sacred sexuality. Discover more at

At the Threshold – with Sacred Pleasures

Step into this pressure-cooker for personal transformation – an epic 24 hour adventure. In collaboration with my good friend London Faerie of Sacred Pleasures, we’re concocting a magical blend of social experiment, interactive performance, sexy celebration and mystery. Journey with us through the day, deep into the night (don’t expect much sleep!) and out through the other side.

Our shared belief is that living in tune with spirit is a practice of surrendering to the unknown. When you enter At The Threshold, you live this fully for twenty-four hours… allowing yourself to really be in the unknown and maybe even learn to enjoy it! Let’s shake things up as we dance into the mystery. Discover more at