Tantric | Touch

is a path to awakening and experiencing

our life force energy,

otherwise known as sexual energy.

Connecting sex, heart and spirit.

“intimate encounters become
when we move from an intent to
love and honour”
– participant

Our | Workshops

There is a power, a beauty and depth in Tantra Massage; it has the capacity to transform, to uplift and to heal.

We are delighted to offer Tantra Massage through a variety of workshops taking place in Bristol and London; you can join them individually or as a complete series.


Awakening: Foundations of Tantra Massage
28th April - 29th April

10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Central location in Bristol (BS8)

There's a real buzz around Tantric Massage. Many people have heard of it, but how…

Celebrating Shakti: Honouring the Female Body
5th May - 6th May

10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Central location in Bristol (BS8)

This weekend workshop honours the Divine Feminine (Shakti), and specifically the female body, through Tantric…

Saluting Shiva: Honouring the Male Body
19th May - 20th May

10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Central location in Bristol (BS8)

This weekend workshop honours the Divine Masculine, and specifically the male body, through Tantric ritual…

Divine Devotion: Tantric Ritual & Ceremony
23rd June - 24th June

10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Central location in Bristol (BS8)

When we invite the intention of devotion into our encounters with another – whether our…

A Taste of Tantric Touch
30th June

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Stoke Newington, London (N16)

Are you longing to feel a deeper connection to yourself and others beyond the usual…

Awakening: Foundations of Tantra Massage
8th September - 9th September

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

There's a real buzz around Tantric Massage. Many people have heard of it, but how…

Awakening: Foundations of Tantra Massage
15th September - 16th September

10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Central location in Bristol (BS8)

There's a real buzz around Tantric Massage. Many people have heard of it, but how…

Heaven on Earth: Residential Training
8th October - 14th October

All Day
Glastonbury, Somerset

Join us for a sensational adventure in Tantric touch on this residential retreat. For the…

Upcoming Dates for 2019
26th January - 16th June

All Day
various locations

26th & 27th January - Divine Devotion 9th & 10th February - Awakening Bristol 16th…

We invite you to experience your aliveness through Tantra Massage…

it’s our birthright!

The | Team

“YOU created and held a simultaneously immense and intimate space during the introduction to tantric massage weekend.


We experienced the ecstasy of the unbounded and the safety of earthy grounding – and everything in between!”




I have had previous times of more ease but sadly comparatively few.


Frequently Asked | Questions


FAQsBelow you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Who is the Tantra Massage Training suitable for?

The Tantra Massage Training is open to all who are genuinely seeking Tantric experience through the sacred art of touch.

You may be considering Tantra Massage as a profession, seeking to explore your own sexuality, or simply wish to share a deeper intimacy with your beloved. All are welcome.

What are the entry requirements for the workshops?
“Awakening: Foundations of Tantra Massage” is the pre-requisite module for the other weekends.

On the Foundations weekend you will learn a fully body massage sequence that supports the relaxation of the body and enlivening of the life force energy. There is no intimate genital massage on this weekend, and all participants are invited to give and receive touch to one another.

You will receive an initiation into Tantric rituals of honouring and devotion.

Do I need to come with a partner?

No partner is required to attend these workshops. We invite you to partner with different people in different exercises over the course of the weekend.

For the workshops featuring massage to men (including lingam massage) and women (including yoni massage), live models will join us for the weekend for practise. We are deeply grateful to these courageous beings who share their bodies and their time for our education and experience.

If you wish to share this experience with your beloved, then you are welcome to come as a couple. You are completely in choice as to whether you partner with each other exclusively for the duration of the workshop, or work with other people in the group. People who come as a couple usually find that some exercises they feel comfortable to do with other people and some exercises they prefer to do together.

I’m completely new to all this. Is it the right course for me?

If you have no previous experience of Tantra or bodywork, we may request that you attend a one to one session with us beforehand. Although many people come to the Training as a “newbie”, and we welcome you all, we hope that you have a sufficient level of maturity and awareness around your sexuality.

Do I have to be naked?

Our workshops are clothing optional. Participants are invited to undress to whatever level they feel comfortable with. There will be nudity in the room and it’s important that you feel at ease with this.

We recommend bringing a sarong to wear either when giving massage, or to pop on between practise sessions.

How do I join the workshop/training programme?

Entry is via a short online application form. Once we have approved your request to join the training, we will send you details of how to book.

Payment is 50% of the course fee to secure your place, with the remaining payment to be paid a minimum of 2 weeks before the workshop weekend. If you are booking within two weeks of the workshop, payment in full is required.

Please see our Terms & Conditions page for further information on bookings.

Do you gender balance the workshops?

Our training is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations. There is an atmosphere of respect, acceptance and honouring at all times.

We like to ensure a good mix of physical forms and energies in the room, and so do not strictly gender balance (i.e. one man to one woman) our workshops. Therefore there may be times when you are invited to work with someone who is not your usual ‘type’. One of the gifts of Tantra is to see the Divinity in each and every human being. We move beyond personal preference and ideas of sexual attraction, into a space of honouring and appreciating all.

You may have a strong feeling about working with someone, or the degree of intimacy in the encounter. We encourage you to communicate this in a mature way. You may have different boundaries with different people and this is entirely appropriate. However, the boundaries should be guided by aliveness to the moment and awareness of yourself, not by a set of assumptions around who you can touch and who can touch you.

Will I be qualified to be a Tantric Practitioner?

Currently there is no recognised qualification or standard to become a Tantric practitioner. Sadly this means that many people are offering services under the name “Tantric” with little understanding of the true depth and potential of the path.

For people who complete all 4 core workshops (Awakening, For Men, For Women, and Divine Devotion), there is a Certificate of Completion.

If you are interested in practising Tantra Massage as a profession, we offer guidance and support to you on your journey. Depending on where you are starting from, we may recommend you attend other trainings in Tantra and/or massage/bodywork in order for you to develop your personal awareness and professional skills.


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